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Moving beyond ceramic tile for Indianapolis homes

Published: December 1, 2011

When people think about installing tile they most often think of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is certainly a popular choice for Indianapolis homes but it isn’t the only option. If you’re thinking of tile for your bathroom floor or kitchen back splash or foyer check out Kermans’ tile buyer’s guide and consider these choices:

Often made from post-consumer (what you recycle from household use) or post-industrial (what manufacturers recycle) glass, glass tiles are becoming extremely popular because they are eco-friendly and use a substance that used to end up in landfills. Since glass comes in a multitude of colors, recycled glass tile is available in a wide spectrum of shades and can be designed into all types of patterns.

Marble is a derivative of limestone. It is a metamorphic stone that can be polished. Marble is characteristically soft and easily scratched or etched by acids and should be considered cautiously in most rooms.

Porcelain or ceramic mosaic tiles are two inches square or smaller. They can be installed individually or can be found pre-mounted on mesh or paper sheets. Mosaics may be glazed or unglazed.

Stone or marble chips embedded in cement make up a terrazzo floor. The polished surface makes a durable floor material.

Just as the name implies, natural stone tile is made entirely of natural stone mined from the earth. When you walk across a granite, marble, travertine, limestone or slate floor you are walking across one of our most valuable natural resources.

Metal tiles are becoming a popular way for people to create a distinctly different look and feel in their home. They come in various styles, molds, and colors and make excellent accents or primary centerpieces in any environment. Metal tiles range from copper to stainless steel, patina to bronze and zinc. It is important to know your options when looking to buy metal tiles.

Overwhelmed by your options? Don’t be. Visit the Kermans Indianapolis tile showroom to get a hands-on feel for each tile style. While you are there, our flooring design consultants can talk to you about your specific needs and make recommendations.

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