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Maintaining your hardwood floor with kids and pets

Published: November 17, 2016

There’s no two ways about it, kids and pets are hard on hardwood floors. The constant traffic, the toys, the pet claws… they can wear down even the hardest of wood flooring.

Puppy looks up innocently

Shopping tip: hardwood floors for pets and kids

If you have pets and/or kids, you’ll want to take them into consideration when you are floor shopping. Ask about the hardness factor of your hardwood flooring choice (all hardwoods are rated on hardness and a hard-wearing floor will be a longer-lasting floor). It doesn’t hurt to consider a rustic, wire-brushed finish either. This natural distressed look will mask some of the inevitable wear and tear from your busy home. In the market for a hardwood floor? Check out the options at Indianapolis hardwood store Kermans.

Kids, pets and hardwood flooring: living well together

You can indeed keep your hardwood flooring beautiful in a busy home by following these recommendations:

  • If your pet isn’t fully house-trained, keep training pads in areas where they frequent to help keep the mess off the hardwood. When accidentst do occur, clean them up as quickly as possible. 
  • Keep your dog or cat’s nails clipped and trimmed to prevent scratches on the wood floor. 
  • Keep maps near the door where your dog goes in and out. You probably can’t train your dog to wipe his feet but just having the dog walk on the mat will help remove some of the outdoor dirt and debris that could scratch your flooring. 
  • In fact, keep mats near every entry door. You can certainly get your kids in the habit of wiping their feet off when entering the house. We also recommend removing shoes at the doorway. 
  • If you have a hardwood floor in the room where your pets eat, use a waterproof mat beneath the food and water bowls to prevent spillage and help keep the bowls in one spot instead of scratching up your floor. 

The good news? Your hardwood floor has the benefit of not soaking in stains or spills. It’s easier to clean up after your kids and pets when you simply have to mop it up! Keep our free hardwood care guide on hand to handle everyday maintenance and tricky spills.

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