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Indianapolis Hardwood Flooring Buyer’s Guide

Published: June 26, 2014

What you need to know when you are buying hardwood flooring.

1. Size

We’re not talking size of room (though that’s important too), we’re talking the size of the wood planks. If you go with laminate or solid hardwood flooring you’ll have a choice in plank width. Hardwood flooring comes in boards referred to as strips or planks. Strips are typically narrow in width with planks offering a wider board. The width of the board can visually impact a room. Strips will visually expand a room while planks work best in a larger area.

2. Color and finish

Each species of wood offers different characteristics of color, wood grain and hardness. If you’re looking at laminate wood flooring you still need to consider the color and grain patterns since the top layer of laminate flooring mimics those characteristics of natural hardwood. Learn more about laminate flooring.

3.  Hardwood types

Solid hardwood or laminate? What’s the difference between laminate wood flooring and engineered wood flooring? Is cork or bamboo wood flooring a good idea for your basement? Indianapolis hardwood flooring store Kermans can answer these questions and more. Wood flooring comes in a surprising variety of options and each has specific benefits for your room use. Learn more about popular types of hardwood flooring.

More questions to ask when you are shopping for hardwood flooring in Indianapolis. 

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