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Identifying quality carpet

Published: October 17, 2013

aka Getting the most value from your carpet

How do you know if the carpet you’re buying is a carpet that will last and enhance your home? As with many things relating to your home, the lowest price doesn’t always present the best value. With carpet, it’s most important to consider how long the carpet will retain its appearance.

Without a crystal ball, how can you predict how well a carpet will stand up to your lifestyle? First, shop in a store where you trust the experts. Second, read the label on the back of the carpet sample. Come to Kermans and our in-house experts will read the labels with you and answer all of your questions. Pay particular attention to:

  • Fiber type (Different fibers stand up to different levels of traffic.)
  • Yarn density (The number of fibers per square yard makes a big difference in how much it shows wear and tear.)
  • Fiber twist (A bulky yarn may be twisted lightly to feel heavier initially but it will fray much faster.)
  • Pile height (Often higher pile is more desirable but it may not be best in high traffic areas.)
  • Well-known, recognizable manufacturers (like the manufacturers you’ll find at Kermans)

It’s the perfect time of year to save on gorgeous, high quality Karastan carpet. How much will you save? Up to $1,000 in rebates are available on all Karastan carpets. Every pattern. Every color. Every style: Wool, Metropolitan, SmartStrand, WearDated, StainMaster and all Karastan fibers. Stop by Kermans take advantage of National Karastan Month sales.

Keeping your carpet looking like new.

There comes a time in any carpet’s life when its new appearance cannot be restored. It simply begins to look old and worn out. The longer you can push off this time, the more value you’ll receive from your carpet investment. The two biggest culprits in a carpet that looks old are matting (or traffic lanes) and stains. You can’t keep them from happening but proper maintenance can keep them from happening too quickly. Check out Kermans Carpet Care guide for tips on keeping your carpet looking like new.

Kermans Flooring retail showroom, located at 4505 E. 82nd Street in Indianapolis, showcases beauty, quality and excellence. Fashioned with interior design in mind, Kermans believes in carrying only the finest names and selections at affordable prices for our clients and designers. Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.

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