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How to pick flooring for an open-concept floor plan

Published: May 16, 2019

Open-concept floor plans aren’t just popular on HGTV makeover shows. They’re also a common choice for homeowners looking to switch from compartmentalized spaces to more sleek gathering places.

Thoughtful, strategic planning is a crucial step when it comes to turning a house into your dream home, especially if you’re taking on a complicated remodeling project that involves joining your kitchen with your family room.

Beyond thinking about structural issues (such as where to move load-bearing walls and how to build an electrical spec), you also need to determine which flooring options will work best in your new free-flowing, connected room.

Durability and function are key considerations when choosing flooring for an open-concept floor plan space

Functional flooring options for open-concept plans

Choosing the right type of modern flooring for your big open-concept plan room can be a tricky task complicated by issues, such as your decorating style, durability needs, and even noise-management within the space.

Flooring that gives you a look you love

You might be able to get away with hot pink tile in a tiny half bathroom, but going with a flooring option in a bold color, pattern, or texture throughout a spacious open-concept room can be harder to pull off.

When it comes to creating harmony in bigger rooms, most flooring design experts suggest choosing flooring material in a neutral color (e.g., grey, white, beige, and light brown) capable of complementing everything else in your space.

Choosing a neutral flooring option in an open-concept floor plan gives you a luxurious foundation from which you can take your room to the next level through your choice of wall colors, furniture, cabinetry, area rugs, furniture, artwork, window coverings, and even throw pillows.

Flooring that fits your lifestyle

Kitchens floors see a lot of heavy traffic and need to be easy to clean, and many homeowners want cozy, soft flooring underfoot when they’re hanging out in their family rooms.

There are many different ways you keep a cohesive look and get the durability you need in the kitchen along with the comfort you want in your family room.

Some homeowners choose to pick flooring separately for each distinct area of their open-space floor plan room and bring them together using creative transitions. Others prefer to go with one hard surface flooring throughout that will meet all of their needs in the kitchen, and then they add warmth strategically with area rugs to specific spaces as needed.

Flooring that reduces noise

Some types of flooring can transmit noises more than others. If you’re concerned about cooking sounds traveling to your sitting area or tv chatter being distracting while you work in the kitchen, choose a flooring option that won’t amplify sounds and improve acoustics, like resilient planks with cork underlay, or that can absorb noises and reduce echoes, like area rugs.

Getting the best flooring for your open-concept space

If you need more guidance picking out the perfect flooring for an open-concept floor plan space, take the time to chat with a flooring design professional.

The best flooring experts, like the knowledgeable team of consultants at Kermans, have the experience to make sure you choose a flooring product that not only matches your preferred style but also meets your day-to-day durability needs.

Set a time to meet one-on-one for no pressure, personalized advice. Let’s talk.

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