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Gray wood floors for your home

Published: May 11, 2017

If you’re looking for a classic, long-lasting flooring that works well in a variety of interior designs, take a good look at gray wood flooring. Gray wood floors carry all the benefits of hardwood floors while adding a unique sense of style to any space. Gray is a popular color in all areas of home decor. Gray floors act as a beautiful neutral that helps other colors shine while adding a sense of design all is own.

Gray wood floor adds a sense of style to this kitchen and eating area

Gray floors and hardwood – a perfect match

Gray hardwood floors lend a modern, industrial feel to a room while also keeping the warmth, beauty and timelessness of solid hardwood. Just about any natural hardwood can be stained grey or white washed for a distressed, unique look. And within the color grey you can explore various shades from dark to barely there. You’ll find a wide variety of options based on the grain of wood and species you select for your hardwood floor.

Good hardwood floors for high traffic areas

When you select a hardwood floor, you want to make sure you’re getting one that can handle your lifestyle. If you are placing that flooring in a high traffic area, be sure to ask about the Janka hardness factor – a measure of how a wood handles denting and wear. The ability of a hardwood floor to stand up to heavy traffic also relies greatly on its finish. The top finish layer is the part that determines how well the wood floor handles scratching from every day traffic – shoes walking on the floor for example. It also determines how well the wood floor can stand up to heavier wear and tear – kids with stones in their shoes, dogs and cats etc. Pre-finished flooring has a much more durable finish than finished-in-place flooring. When you are shopping for a hardwood floor, ask about the finish options and choose the most scratch resistant.

The look of wood in a different type of flooring

Porcelain tile and luxury vinyl are two excellent flooring options worth exploring if you want a gray, wood look in your floor. Manufacturers have created porcelain tiles and luxury vinyl planks that have the appearance and texture of hardwood with a number of additional benefits:

  • More color and shade options
  • Waterproof floors that can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms or basements – rooms where hardwood floors are not recommended
  • Easier to maintain
  • More affordable

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