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Fun ways for Indianapolis homes to use tile

Published: February 8, 2012

When you think of tile you probably think: durable and easy to clean. Two characteristics that are certainly true – it’s no wonder tile is the flooring material of choice for many Central Indiana bathrooms and kitchens. But we think that’s selling tile short! Tile comes in so many varieties, styles and textures. You can use tile on counters and walls in exciting ways that can really update the look of a room without spending a lot of time or money.

Here are a few fun, creative ways you can spruce up your Central Indiana house with tile:

  • Use glass tile as an accent on shower walls to brighten things up or give a luxurious spa feel. 
  • Bring a professional and fun look to your kitchen with a metal tile back splash behind the stove or sink (or both!).
  • Offset your fireplace and hearth area with ceramic tile in either a neutral or colorful design that is heat-friendly and easy to clean.  
  • Look up and add some style to a room with a tile border around the ceiling instead of crown molding.
  • Tile has a place in the bedroom too – create a beautiful headboard with tile. You can even find ceramic styles that are designed to look like other materials, say wood or fabric for a really unique look.
  • Help your paint job by installing a tile chair rail in your dining room
  • Tie your sun room to your patio by using tile in both.

As you can see, tile is so creative that even when applied to small areas it has a big impact. Want other ideas? The design experts at Kermans would love to talk to you about your space and come up with some fun ways to brighten it up with tile.

Visit Kermans showroom in Castleton – on the northside of Indianapolis – to see our many varieties of tile. We look forward to being creative with you!

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