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Four common myths about area rugs

Published: March 17, 2015

Area rugs are popping up in more and more designer showcases. Even as they gain in popularity, they might be one of the most misunderstood types of flooring. Many people assume that area rugs are expensive works of art – floor coverings carefully handcrafted in another country that must be treated with special care. In truth, area rugs now come in many different shapes, sizes, yarns and pricepoints. Kermans Flooring started our business in 1921 as Kermans Oriental Rug Company. We’ve been around area rugs for decades. Let us share our knowledge of this versatile floor covering as we bust four common myths about area rugs.

Myth 1. Area rugs are expensive.

Like any floor covering, area rugs are available in a wide range of prices. The differences most often come down to how the rug is made and what fibers are used. Hand-knotted rugs made from hand-dyed wool are going to be at the top end of the price spectrum. While rugs of excellent quality that are machine-made with nylon fibers are much more affordable. Kermans carries those types of area rugs and every type in between. The bottom line? There are beautiful, high quality area rugs available that will last for years and fit your budget.

Myth 2. Area rugs should not be vacuumed or wet-cleaned.

If you don’t regularly clean your area rugs, dirt and debris will settling into your rug and start to break down the fibers. The luster, color and feel of your rug will diminish over time and you’ll be left with a dingy area rug. Area rugs can and should be vacuumed just like carpets – being careful on the edges if you have fringe. Wet-cleaning should be done by a professional. Kermans offers expert area rug cleaning and repair services – even on the most delicate, handmade rugs –  at our Indianapolis area rug store.

Myth 3. Area rugs are bad for high traffic areas.

Contrary to popular belief, area rugs are an excellent addition to high traffic areas. In fact, area rugs often look better once they are walked on! High quality area rugs will take on a smoother, more beautiful appearance after they have been walked on. With proper maintenance, a good area rug is hard to damage and will look wonderful in any area of your home for years to come.

Myth 4. If you want a high quality are rug, it must come from the Middle East.

Decades ago this was a fairly accurate statement. However, today’s manufacturing techniques create area rugs that are hard to distinguish from hand made rugs. The quality and appearance are quite similar and in some cases a machine made rug can be of higher quality than hand made. You have many more choices when it comes to beautiful, long lasting area rugs than you used to.

Area rugs are an excellent way to bring some color to a room, soften up a hardwood floor, add a touch of warmth at the side of your bed, define spaces in a large room… their uses are practically endless. Once seen as just works of art, area rugs are now art that works in your home.

Area rugs are becoming more and more popular for so many reasons. Don’t be afraid to add this versatile floor covering to your home. Stop by our Indianapolis showroom and spend some time looking at our wide selection of area rugs. You’ll find rugs in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices.

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