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Dos and Don’ts for Basement Floors

Published: January 19, 2017

Basements are notoriously tricky places for flooring. The sub-floor is often uneven and basements tend to have moisture or water problems. What is the best type of floor for your basement? Which floor choices should you avoid? Let’s review a few practical dos and don’ts for basement floors.

Tile floor in the basement is a practical and pretty choice for a sitting area.

DO: pick a hard surface floor

If you’ve ever had to extract water from carpet or dragged waterlogged carpet out of your basement, then you know hard surface floors are a more forgiving choice. If you have a tile or luxury vinyl floor water can be mopped up with no harm done to the floor.

DON’T: choose hardwood for your basement

Hardwood floors are the exception to the above rule. Water and hardwood don’t mix. In fact, water can permanently damage your hardwood floor. Combine that with the fact that hardwood needs an even subfloor for installation and you’ll see that hardwood is not the best choice for your basement floor.

DO: consider your subfloor and your ceiling

Most basements have a concrete subfloor that isn’t quite even. When you’re picking out your floor, be sure to find out the installation requirements first. That large format tile you fell in love with in the store may be the worst possible choice when you get home to your basement. And don’t forget to look up! If your basement has low ceilings you’ll want a floor that doesn’t take up a lot of vertical space. Luxury vinyl flooring can be the best choice for both of these situations. It’s a thinner floor option and is much more forgiving of uneven subfloors.

DON’T: be afraid to add texture and layers

Your basement wants some design attention too. Pick a floor that is practical but also reflects your personal design style. Tile and luxury vinyl both give you a stunning array of options. Once you’ve got your primary flooring selected, consider adding area rugs for a touch of softness and color.

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