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Best flooring for dogs

Published: March 13, 2014

What is the best pet-friendly flooring? Your Indianapolis flooring experts at Kermans have great flooring ideas for homes with pets.

Dogs and cats pose a tricky floor dilemma. You need something that will stand up to the scratching of their claws. You need something that is easy to clean up when the inevitable accidents happen. And of course you want something that matches your home decor and looks nice. The best flooring for dogs (or cats) needs to be easy to maintain, durable and look nice.

Photo by Andrew Lynch, CC by 2.0

What is the best flooring for dogs or cats?

Tile ranks top of the list for people looking for the best flooring for pets. Tile flooring is great for cats and dogs because it is:

  • easy to clean and maintain – a broom and a mop will help control that pet fur
  • scratch resistant – those little claws won’t damage your floor
  • waterproof – you’ll no concerns about spills from water or food bowls

View our Tile Buyer’s Guide for more information.

If you’re concerned about having a soft spot for Fido to rest his head or for you to have underfoot, add some area rugs. Area rugs soften up a tile floor for both you and your pets. Area rugs come in a surprising variety of colors and styles so you’ll also be able to liven up your decor. Learn more about area rugs at Kermans.

Here’s a pet owner and Kermans customer who understands the challenges of finding the right floor for a busy home:

Laminate wood flooring is a reasonable floor for homes with pets. It is more durable than most hardwoods so it won’t scratch as easily. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. It’s not waterproof like tile though so you’ll need to carefully consider where you put your pets food and water dishes. Also clean up after accidents or from tracking in water and mud will need to be done promptly.

What about natural hardwood? Natural hardwood is an option but know that you’ll need to refinish it occasionally because of scratches. And it is far less resistant to water damage than laminate. Learn more about wood floor options for pets.

Many pet owners shy away from carpet simply because it is harder to clean with shedding, messy pets. That doesn’t mean you can’t have carpet though. When you have cats or dogs you should look for carpet that has cut pile so it won’t catch on their claws. You’ll also want carpet with solid stain resistant fibers. Karastan’s SmartStrand is a very durable, stain resistant option that can be great for homes with pets.

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The design experts at Kermans are ready to help you meet the challenge of finding the best flooring for dogs. Stop by our Indianapolis flooring showroom and learn more about the durable and beautiful flooring we have to offer.

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