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Best flooring for basement

Published: March 20, 2014

Looking for the best flooring for your basement? Look no further than Indianapolis flooring store Kermans.

The primary concern when selecting flooring for your basement is water. It is not uncommon for a basement to experience water damage since it is below ground. Basements are also notoriously humid environments so any flooring materials will need to be able to stand up to a moist, potentially wet, situation. With that in mind, let’s look at the best water resistant floor options for your basement:

Laminate wood flooring for your basement

Engineered or laminate wood flooring is a great basement floor choice.

Laminate or engineered wood’s water-resistant qualities make it more desirable for basement flooring. It is also typically installed over a pad which helps lend your basement some warmth since it adds an extra layer over the concrete sub-floor. You can easily soften up a wood floor with area rugs. And its finishes are extremely durable which is a definite plus in a room that is likely to see quite a bit of traffic and entertaining.

Laminate or engineered wood has a wide variety of finishes and colors to fit in with any decor.

Tile floor for your basement

Tile is the perfect choice for basement flooring.

Tile is the perfect choice for basement flooring. It is waterproof making clean-ups easy but also offering some protection against any basement water damage. Tile is also much more forgiving on a potentially uneven sub-floor. And since you can install tile directly onto the concrete, there’s no concern about shortening the space between the floor and the ceiling – an issue in many basements that start with already low ceilings.

Tile comes in a surprising array of colors and styles for a lovely, durable impression.

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When you’re looking for the best basement flooring in Indianapolisstop by Kermans Flooring on Indianapolis’ northside. Talk to our design experts and explore your options with no pressure and lots of information. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the service and quality you’ve always heard about comes with a price tag that is very affordable. You simply won’t find this service and value anywhere else. That is the Kermans Advantage.

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