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3 reasons why you should always use a rug pad

Published: February 22, 2018

Area rugs are a great way to add depth, warmth, and style to a room. To get the most of your investment, be sure to get a rug pad to go with your area rug.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rug pad solution for area rugs. So where do you start? There are different rug pads options for different types of area rugs and different types of flooring. Plus, there are even rug pad options for different softness and gripping needs.

To help you learn more about why you should use a rug pad and how to find the best solution for your home, we’ve collected the three tips from our design consultants.

1. Prevent slips

No one likes to deal with an area rug that bunches up. Not only does it looks bad, but it poses a dangerous tripping hazard too, especially for children and the elderly. Thankfully, there’s an uncomplicated solution: rug pads. The right rug pad will help your area rug stay in one place and keep it lying flat.

Rug pads designed to work with hard surface flooring are different from those made to go on top of carpeting. If you plan to put a rug on top of carpeting, a rug pad made to compliment hard surface flooring won’t do you a lot of good, which is why it’s so important to pick the right kind of pad to get the best grip.

When anchored by furniture, area rugs can shift with foot traffic, causing it to bunch up in waves. With the addition of a modest rug pad, you can keep your area rug lump-free and help it stay in one place.

2. Increase comfort

When you combine the right area rug with a premium cushioned rug pad, you’ll create a plush walking experience. Plus, this combination will also help better absorb sound, muting excess noise and creating a quieter and more comfortable room.

3. Protect your floor (and extend the life of your area rug)

Area rugs gather dirt and grime that would otherwise scratch your floor. These small abrasions can both damage hardwood floors and wear down carpeting.

When you use a rug pad with an area rug, you get additional protection against the transfer of dyes from patterned rugs onto your flooring if there is an accidental spill. Additionally, a rug pad will help increase the life of your area rug by protecting it from shifting and rubbing that causes premature aging. Plus, using a rug pad with your area rug will keep it from stretching and help it hold its shape better.

Area rugs are an affordable addition to any home. Stop by our showroom in Indianapolis or schedule a free design consultation to get advice from one of our consultants. Our team is available to discuss your specific needs and make recommendations that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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