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Why choose tile for your home flooring?

Published: March 15, 2011

The first reason you may consider tile for your home flooring needs is excellent durability and easy maintenance! Yes, tile is easy to clean up and very tough for all sorts of wear and tear. Compared to hardwood flooring, tile offers the advantage of no scratch worry and a simple damp mop for cleaning.

No matter what kind or style of tile you have selected, basic maintenance is the same and will extend the life of your floor. Here are the basics.

  • Wipe up spills as soon as they happen
  • Dust or sweep often
  • Damp mop your floor weekly
  • Re-apply sealant as recommended

Cleaning the grout is another part of the tile cleaning / maintenance routine. If you mop regularly and have a seal on your grout, a simple mixture of a capful of rubbing alcohol in a gallon of warm water will do the trick. If you’ve put off this time-consuming task you will need to use a concentrated tile and grout cleaner, which is available at Kermans Indianapolis Flooring. It is important to use a cleaning product specifically designed for grout and tile so you do not bleach or stain your tile or grout.

Tile is a beautiful flooring choice for your home. 

There are a few tile flooring basics to consider before you buy.

Kermans Flooring is an Indianapolis flooring store located in the Castleton / Keystone area. Our showroom is full of tile flooring samples and our design consultants can give you additional advice on maintenance for your particular tile product and to decide between the variety of tile colors and textures available. Visit our Indianapolis flooring showroom.

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