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Use as Directed: Protect Your Floors and Preserve Your Warranty

Published: November 17, 2020


Before you admire the gleam of freshly installed flooring, plan how you’ll protect this enduring asset with proper maintenance and care. In some cases, you may need to modify your habits to ensure that foot traffic and furniture don’t damage your floors – and instead of your old go-to floor cleaning methods, you may need a new lineup of products and approaches. All these considerations align to help you preserve the beauty of your new flooring the way its warranty specifies.

Keep it clean

Vacuum or sweep at least once a week. To avoid damage to your floor, choose the type of mop the manufacturer recommends, and use a vacuum cleaner with a felt head or a brush, not one with a beater bar, or deactivate the beater bar first. Keep vacuum-cleaner wheels free of dust and grit so they don’t scratch the floor.

Use manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions and methods. Other choices – especially water-based cleaning methods and materials, including steam machines or any cleaning product that must mix with water – can damage the floor and its finish, or inhibit the action of products you need to use.

Clear away spills with a soft cloth as soon as they occur, and if you need a cleaning product to remove residue, use what the manufacturer recommends for the specific situation. Don’t try to scrape away accidents with tools that may cause scratches. Instead, use the approaches the manufacturer spells out. For example, to remove wax or chewing gum, some flooring companies recommend that you apply a tightly sealed ice bag to make the offending substance turn brittle and brush away.

Skip scratches

Especially if you like to rearrange your rooms all the time, use furniture glides with smooth, flat self-adhesive pads that you can clean and replace. Add floor protectors under furniture legs and replace ball-type casters or hard, thin furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers. Easily swiveling barrel casters distribute weight over a wider contact area that minimizes the potential for damage.

Before you move furniture or appliances, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for methods and products to avoid scrapes and scratches. You may need to use a dolly and put down protective pieces of plywood when you add, remove or relocate furniture or appliances.

Add area rugs in places where foot traffic changes direction, such as on a staircase landing, as well as in high-traffic locations and in front of sinks. Place doormats inside and outside your entrances, and keep mats clean of dirt and debris. Avoid latex-backed rugs and mats, which can discolor floors.

Keep your pets’ nails smoothly trimmed and their feet free of dirt so they don’t scratch your floors. Remove stilettos or shoes with damaged soles before you walk through your home. Remove pebbles and dirt from running or hiking shoes, or take off your shoes when you enter the house.

Other considerations

Sunlight can fade your floors. To cut down on exposure risks, close curtains during periods of high sun or add sunblock film to large areas of glass. Periodically relocate your area rugs to avoid creating faded areas underneath them.

Maintain the humidity in your home at the level the manufacturer directs to avoid an overly damp or dry environment that can cause your flooring to expand or contract. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to achieve the desired results.

Stay beautiful

With proper care that lines up with manufacturer recommendations, your hardwood or vinyl-plank floors will remain glowing and gorgeous for decades to come. If you’re considering new flooring and want to choose the right options for your busy family, ask the experts at Kermans Flooring to help you find products that match your budget and your lifestyle. Schedule a complimentary consultation or drop in to find out more about floor materials and care.

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