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Published: June 27, 2022

After a long walk across a giant parking lot, you finally reach the entrance to the big box store. “Where’s the flooring department?” you ask a passing associate.

“Twenty-eight B,” she says and scurries away.

Aisle 28B, you discover after trekking halfway through the store, is plumbing.

“Forget this,” you say as you head back to your car. “I’m going to Kermans.”

A short drive later, you’re at our front door. Inside our store, you’re looking at more choices than you even imagined. Hardwoods. Laminates. Luxury vinyl. Carpet. Area rugs. Tile. Styles and colors surround you.

A Kermans consultant greets you. “How can I help you today?” she says with a smile.

You explain that you’re looking for carpet for your living room and something new for your kitchen. She asks you about your home, your personal aesthetic, your family, whether you have pets: All of life’s realities to consider when making your decision. She listens closely and shows you examples. You can tell she knows the products well and understands how to help you choose what is right for your home and lifestyle.

You find options that you haven’t seen elsewhere, and a broad high-quality selection that makes the big box store look as if it doesn’t even sell flooring. “So many beautiful options,” you say. “I’m having trouble visualizing what’s best for us.”

She tells you about the Kermans Sample Trial, which enables you to check out full-sized take-home swatches at no charge. “Borrow as many as you need,” she says. “You have to love it when you look at it in your actual room.”

At Kermans, we want you to find what works for you, not abandon you in the midst of a giant warehouse. Whether you know what you want or need inspiration, visit our showroom just to look around. We have the brands, selection, professional design advice and customer-first attitude to make your project a great success. Schedule an in-person consultation and experience the Kermans difference for yourself.

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