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The best pet-friendly floors for paws, claws, and accidents

Published: November 30, 2017

In the United States, we love our animals.

Around 48% of all US households have a dog, and 38% of homeowners share their homes with a cat, according to the latest numbers released by the American Pet Products Association.

dog and baby on hard floor

That adds up to a lot of pets—and, a lot of pet messes. The ASPCA recently released survey results that reveal pet messes as the most common reason that people decide to say goodbye to their animals. While pet messes aren’t preventable, how stressful they can be to deal with is something you should keep in mind when picking new flooring.

Though accidents are bound to happen, you don’t have to sacrifice style when choosing pet-friendly floors. When you’re remodeling, just choose a flooring option that will make living with Fido or Tiger easier. Pick something that will stand up to scratches and repel extra dirt and stains from your furry friend.

Many homeowners with pets choose hard surface flooring—such as tile, hardwood, and resilient—because these types come in a several of affordable varieties with pet-friendly features, including:

  • Scratch- and stain-resistance: Pick the right flooring to ensure claws and accidents don’t cause damage
  • Easy maintenance: Select an unfussy, easy-to-clean option to keep pet fur under control with a broom or mop
  • Waterproof: Stop worrying about water bowl spills and random stains with floors that are water-resistant

Think laminate wood for a classic hardwood-look

If you like the look of hardwood, laminate wood flooring is a reasonable choice for a home with pets. This durable type of affordable flooring has flexible installation requirements. It doesn’t scratch easily and requires minimal upkeep, but it’s not completely waterproof so you’ll need to consider if you can be around to clean up pet messes quickly to avoid damage. If potential water damage is a concern, you can also get the wood look with tile. Learn more about timeless tile flooring trends, including porcelain tile that looks like natural wood.

Choose tile for high style—and high value

When you have pets, tile floors are a great option because they’re easy to maintain, durable, moisture-resistant, and long lasting. They also are a good choice if you’re looking for flooring in many different styles. Today’s manufacturers use cutting-edge techniques and create options in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Plus, tile can be cut into just about any shape imaginable to create a uniquely beautiful pattern in your floor.

Pick resilient for high-traffic floors that will last

Resilient flooring gives you a hard surface floor that’s extremely durable and stylish. You can even choose plank tile installation to get exactly the look you want.

Resilient flooring comes in two categories: luxury vinyl and waterproof composite flooring (WPC). Resilient flooring is one of the most budget friendly options in high-quality flooring, and it have several other advantages too, including:

  • Designs made to look like wood, stone, or ceramic
  • Built-in resistance to scratches and stains
  • Soft underfoot
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable and easy to clean
  • Highly customizable

The top layer of any resilient flooring is a super-tough, durability layer. This makes it one of the longest lasting floors on the market. It won’t show traffic patterns like other flooring. This top layer is also why resilient flooring is moisture resistant, making it a perfect option for an over-excited puppy.

Add an area rug to soften hard surface flooring

If you’re concerned about scratches and the echo of clicking claws on the floor, add some area rugs. They come in an amazing number of designs and the right area rug can help create a gorgeous living area. Learn more about how to pick an area rug or download our free area rug placement guide.

Kermans flooring has a large variety of pet-friendly flooring options in dozens of colors, designs, and treatments. Our design consultants will help you throughout the entire experience. Let our talented team solve your pet-friendly flooring needs.

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