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Popular Indianapolis flooring trend: patterned carpet

Published: August 20, 2015

Trendy patterned carpet in greensCarpet has always been the most popular floor covering choice at Indianapolis flooring store Kermans. It’s interesting, however, to see what types of carpet are top of the request list. Berber? Plush velvet? Cut & loop?

Right now, we have more customers than ever before asking to see our selection of patterned carpet. What is patterned carpet and why is it so popular? Let’s ask the flooring design consultants at Kermans.

Popular patterned carpet

“Design trends right now point to textures and a mix of colors,” notes Kermans’ Nichole Hansen. “Patterned carpets fit right in with these trends with their sophisticated, modern look.”

Patterned carpets are made in one of two ways:

  • a textured pattern with different heights of yarn in both cut and loop styles
  • different colored yarns that create a repeating pattern throughout the carpet

Patterned carpets can be bold or subtle. They can be traditional or modern. No matter what style fits you and your home best, you’ll find a patterned carpet to match.

Patterned carpets as area rugs

Subtle and textured patterned carpet in family roomArea rugs are another popular trend right now. They help you establish a layered, textural look in any room. If you want to add an area rug to your room, don’t limit yourself to the area rug section of Kermans. Check out the patterned carpets. Kermans has the capability to make any patterned carpet into a custom area rug. Talk about creating your own unique look and feel in a room!

Top benefits of patterned carpet

  • Insulation: carpet holds warmth and acts as an insulator against both cold and heat
  • Luxurious feel: nothing quite compares to the soft warmth of a carpet underfoot
  • Safety: or should we say soft landings? Carpet reduces slips and falls – an especially nice feature if you have toddlers in the house. Carpet also gives some comfort and traction to the four-footed members of your family. 
  • Quiet: Carpet muffles sound – a particularly nice benefit in a large space
  • Versatile: You have a nearly endless selection of patterns and colors that work in any home decor
  • Warm & Soft: Just right for kids to curl up on while playing – or for your feet on a cold winter morning

It’s no wonder why Indianapolis homeowners want carpet in their homes. Want to see the latest trends in carpet while also shopping the best selection and prices in Indianapolis carpet? Stop by Kermans Flooring showroom in the Castleton area of Indianapolis. We’ll be happy to show you patterned carpets that will be a great addition to your home.

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