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Picking the best patterned carpet

Published: January 20, 2015

One of the hottest trends we’re seeing in carpet right now are patterns. A patterned carpet can make a beautiful design statment that carries all the warm, affordable options of carpet. What is patterned carpet and where is it a good fit in your house? Read on to learn more from the design experts at Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis.

What is patterned carpet? 

A patterned carpet has a design crafted into the rug fibers. Sometimes those patterns are created by different cuts and lengths of yarn. Sometimes the patterns are dyed into the rug yarns themselves. Patterns can be subtle and textured or bold and bright. Carpet pattern designs are so varied that you can find a style to fit formal or contemporary settings.

Patterns are a fun twist on an old standard. Carpet has long been the top flooring choice of Indianapolis homeowners. Warm, insulating, comfortable… the benefits of carpet are many. And now that patterned carpets are becoming more popular, carpet can also be a fun design element in your room.

Where does patterned carpet fit in your home?

If your room already has a mix of textures and patterns in the furniture, walls or window coverings, patterned carpet is probably not the best choice. However in a room with solid colors, a patterned carpet can add a whole new look and feel. A well-chosen patterned carpet can change the character of a room. Carpets with a floral or stripe pattern add an instant personality to a room. Carpets with a nubby feel to them give the room a different feel – both literally and mentally.

Don’t just consider the existing furnishings, consider the size. The proportion of a carpet pattern will look very different in a small room compared to a large room. There is no rule of thumb here. Sometimes a large, bold pattern can open up a small space – other times it can overwhelm the space. So how do you know what’s right? Bring home samples to look at in your space. Take pictures of the room and bring them to Kermans, our free design staff will be happy to give advice on the best way to make a patterned carpet work in your home.

One last point: How do you make sure the pattern in your carpet works well with the other colors and textures of the room? Find a unifying point. Whether it be the pattern itself or a color in the pattern – if everything in the room has the same thing in common they are more likely to work well together.

Patterned carpets aren’t just a fun design trend, they are a great way to enhance the design of your home. When you’re ready to look at adding some pattern to your floor, stop by Kermans to see our wide selection of carpet. Get the Ultimate Guide to Choosing New Floors by Kermans Flooring

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