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Nontraditional hardwood floors in Indianapolis

Published: October 15, 2015

When people think of hardwood flooring they often think of lightly stained, oak wood floors. Maybe maple or pine. It’s fair to say that many people have an unnecessarily restricted image of hardwood floors. Today’s hardwood flooring manufacturers have created such a wide variety of wood flooring that our Indianapolis customers are almost overwhelmed with choices! If you’re looking for hardwood flooring, let us open your eyes to some of these beautiful options.

different shades of hardwood add a different feel to the room

Exotic hardwood flooring

Break out of traditional hardwood flooring choices with exotic hardwoods. These hardwood flooring options are distinctive and beautiful. Often in much darker shades with varying wood grain patterns, exotic hardwoods make a beautiful floor that will become the focal point of any room. Kermans hardwood flooring in Indianapolis has access to a wide variety of exotic hardwoods including eucalyptus, acacia, mazama and tungston. Exotic hardwood flooring is going to be more expensive than most American species but if you’re looking for a truly unique floor, there’s no comparison to the luster and beauty of exotic hardwoods.

hardwood flooring in a garden room

Laminate or engineered wood flooring

Like the look of an exotic floor but not the price tag? Consider a laminate or engineered floor. You can use an exotic wood as the veneer overlay giving you the same appearance but with a lower price tag. Or you could shop for a look-alike laminate floor. The benefits to these floors go beyond budget. Laminate and engineered wood floors are more water resistant and can be installed in rooms that are not conducive to solid hardwood floors. More versatile and more affordable, laminate and engineered wood floors are showing up in more and more homes. Learn more about laminate and engineered hardwood flooring in Indianapolis from Kermans.

Another trend that gives the look of wood but with far more versatility is luxury vinyl. Ask one of our design consultants to show you our selection of wood luxury vinyl. Schedule a free design consultation.

Sustainable hardwood flooring

hardwood floors add a touch of luxury to this living roomSome people love the look of hardwood flooring but are concerned about its impact on our environment. While today’s hardwood manufacturers are much more environmentally conscious, it’s true that traditional solid hardwood floors are harvested from a natural resource that takes years to replenish. There are, however, many sustainable hardwood flooring options with a variety of shades and grain patterns. Both cork and bamboo flooring are created from sustainable resources. These beautiful wood floors are kinder to our environment and give you a long-lasting, wood floor.

Where you buy your hardwood matters

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes time to shop for hardwood floors in Indianapolis. Why should you shop for hardwood at Kermans? We have a wide selection of traditional and nontraditional hardwood floors, a knowledgeable staff that can explain the differences between the many hardwood floor options available, their benefits, their prices and how they match your lifestyle. Simply put, the level of service you’ll find at Kermans is far above what you’ll find elsewhere. We don’t just want to offer flooring – we want to help our customers find the best hardwood flooring for their needs. It’s part of what we call the Kermans Advantage: Family-run. Customer focused. Affordable options. Most up-to-date products. Learn more.

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