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Long-term care tips for hardwood floors

Published: October 13, 2016

Indianapolis hardwood flooring store Kermans has watched flooring trends come and go but there’s always one trend that never fades: hardwood flooring. Sure, the popularity of a wood species or shade may come and go but hardwood flooring is here to stay. It’s one of the more expensive floors on the market but when you consider how many years you’ll have the floor it becomes more economical.

Beautiful, light hardwood floor shines in this bedroom

One of the top benefits of hardwood floors is its longevity. When you have a floor that lasts for decades, it brings a different sort of care and maintenance challenge into your home.

Weekly cleaning needs for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors look best when you keep regular cleaning simple. Dust mop and sweep the floor weekly. That’s it! No need for wet mopping (it can harm your wood floor) or cleaning products. If you have a stain, scuff mark or other challenge, follow the tips in our free hardwood flooring care guide.

Quarterly cleaning needs for hardwood floors

Every two to three months your hardwood floor needs a little extra TLC. This is when it’s time to polish the floor. Polishing renews the finish that protects your hardwood. It also helps fill in tiny scratches that happen from dirt and debris. There are different types of hardwood floor polish, some water-based and others urethane-based. You choose based on your floor’s finish. Always consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for polish recommendations.

Occasional cleaning cleaning needs for hardwood floors

Hardwood floor ties this open floor plan together

AKA to refinish or not to refinish
Over the years your hardwood floor may take more damage than regular polishing can repair. This is when your hardwood can benefit from refinishing – sanding off the old finish and completely replacing it with new. Every five years you should closely examine your floor to see if it might benefit from a sanding and refinishing.

If you find deep scratches or grooves, sanding and refinishing can repair them. This is not something you’ll want to do often as you can sand away the beautiful grain patterns that naturally develop in the wood. We recommend having a professional hardwood refinisher handle the process for you. They have the knowledge and tools to offer less intrusive options that may be the best course for your floor.

Kermans Flooring is proud to be an Indianapolis hardwood flooring store. We’ve helped homeowners throughout Central Indiana find just the right hardwood floor for decades and we’re looking forward to doing so for decades to come. Family-run and focused on your family. That’s just one of the things we call the Kermans Advantage.

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