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Is hardwood flooring environmentally friendly?

Published: March 7, 2017

There’s no denying that hardwood floors are a beautiful flooring choice for any home but are they environmentally friendly?

Beautiful hardwood flooring opens up this living area

More and more homeowners are looking for sustainable options for their home and floors are no exception. Does hardwood fit the bill? It depends on where and how it is sourced. The good news is there are many environmentally friendly hardwood floor choices on the market and we carry many of them here at Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis.

How to choose sustainable hardwood flooring

Sustainable wood by its definition is wood that comes from a forest that is responsibly managed. How do you know? Look for the seal of approval from the US Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the National Wood Flooring Association Responsible Procurement Program “From U.S. Renewing Forests”. These groups set the standards for responsible forest management. Hardwood flooring that is harvested from certified tree plantations – grown specifically to responsibly supply lumber so that natural forests can thrive – is produced and shipped locally.

Ask where your hardwood was sourced

Today’s manufacturers have a vested interest in protecting forests. Many of them are proud of their sustainability efforts and rightly so. Ask where and how the hardwood was sourced and opt for floors that primarily come from American forests. Also ask about the manufacturing process, the most sustainable choices make sure every part of the harvested tree is used in some fashion. Some of the top sustainable manufacturers of hardwood flooring include:

  • Anderson
  • Armstrong
  • Bella Cera
  • Bruce
  • Chelsea Plank Flooring
  • Columbia
  • Homerwood
  • Mannington
  • Mirage
  • Somerset Floors
  • Tennessee Wood Flooring 

All of which are carried at Kermans Flooring.

Look beyond hardwood

Engineered wood and laminate wood flooring can give you a wood floor that is more sustainable than hardwood. The manufacturing process for these types of wood floors maximizes board yield so that it uses more of the tree and has less waste. Some choices in this category even include recycled materials further contributing to their sustainability.

When you’re looking for sustainable wood flooring, turn to Kermans. We are proud to offer products that are good for your home and good for our environment.

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