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Indianapolis hardwood flooring store, Kermans has tips to keep your hardwood looking beautiful

Published: February 6, 2014

Hardwood floors are an investment in your home and Indianapolis hardwood flooring store, Kermans, has the perfect tips to make sure that investment lasts for years to come.

Preventative maintenance is the most important tip to keeping your hardwood like new.

Keep the dirt out: Dirt, water from snowy boots, and other things tracked in from the outdoors will wear down your hardwood floor and finish. While you can’t keep your floors perfectly clean all the time, there are some basic things you can do to reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by dirt. First, encourage people to remove their shoes when they come in the house so they aren’t bringing the dirt past the doorway. Does your hardwood floor go up to your entry door? Place a mat – a rubber tray style mat in the winter – on which people can place their shoes. Second, mop regularly to remove any dirt that is tracked in. Third, using the hose attachment on your vacuum, remove the dirt, pet hair and small rocks that tend to gather along the baseboards and in corners.

Cut down on wear and tear: Reduce scratches by placing floor protectors on your furniture legs. Look for area rugs to cover places where people walk a lot or where your kids play – those toy cars can really scratch up a floor over time!

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Cleanliness leads to beautiful hardwood.

Clean regularly: Dust mop your floor a few times a week and use an electric sweeper or the floor brush attachment on your vacuum once a week.

Deep cleaning: follow your manufacturers guidelines on any sort of wet cleaning. Just because a product says it’s made for cleaning wood, does not mean it is the best product for your type of wood and finish. Frequent cleaning with wood polishes can actually dull your hardwood and mar the finish.

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Keep the marks away.

If you’re having hardwood installed, be sure you have it sealed with a hard finish. Marks on a hard-finished floor will usually come off with a soft clean cloth. If you have an older hardwood floor that has been soft finished, the mark may have sunk into the wood itself. In this case, refer to the manufacturers instructions for the best methods to remove the stain.

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Some Important Don’ts in Hardwood Maintenance:

  • Don’t use a regular vacuum with a rotating brush – that will scratch up your floor.
  • Don’t use ammonia or other harsh cleaners – they will ruin your floor’s finish.
  • Don’t use wood furniture sprays – they will make your floor slippery.
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