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Indianapolis carpet trends: patterns

Published: August 27, 2014

As Indianapolis’ best carpet store since 1921, Kermans has watched carpet trends come and go. What’s hot in Indianapolis carpets right now? Patterns! 

Think texture 

Neutral carpets in tones of beiges and browns will always be popular because they give a simple backdrop for your style. However, we’re seeing these formerly “boring” choices bring their own spark to a home with textures. Often the color doesn’t change, but the dimension and interest of the carpet does with its tone-on-tone desgins. Using different lengths of loops and tufts, heavily textured carpets create two dimensional designs that are both subtle and beautiful. We’re also seeing some flecks of color popping up in some of these carpets. It’s a simple way to bring out the pattern.

Patterned and textured carpets are most often available in cut and loop carpet styles such as Berbers. However, technology has given carpet manufacturers the ability to die yarns in interesting patterns so we’re starting to see it available in more traditional carpet styles such as Saxony as well. Geometric shapes, stripes, floral patterns – all are now available in striking designs on carpets. Today’s patterns allow you to be as bold as you’d like with your carpet choices.

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The hidden benefit of texture and patterns 

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a combination of textures and patterns in carpets – particularly those designed to stand up to heavy traffic. The textures and patterns don’t just add more design appeal, they help hide soil marks and wear patterns. If you have an area of heavy traffic in your home, you now have even more choices for beautiful carpet thanks to today’s textured and patterned styles.

As carpet manufacturers continue to find more creative ways to make carpet, homeowners are discovering new ways for carpet to enhance their home decor. Stop by Kermans carpet store in Indianapolis and talk to our free design staff to learn more about these fun, exciting trends in carpet.

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