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Hardwood floors in contemporary decor

Published: April 26, 2016

A common question heard in our Indianapolis hardwood store: My home has a contemporary, modern look – can I install hardwood flooring that matches?

People often think of golden oak hardwood floors when they picture hardwood. But today’s hardwood types and styles are so numerous that there are definitely options for contemporary homes to consider.

Dark wood floor with wide planks enhances the contemporary feel of this room

Types of hardwoods

The type of tree from which your hardwood floor comes has an impact on the appearance of that floor. Oak, maple, walnut, cherry, hickory are all common hardwood floor choices from trees native to America. Exotic wood species such as Brazilian teak, acacia, tigerwood or mahogany bring a completely different look and feel to a floor. From its natural shading to the grain patterns, you should definitely ask to see different types of hardwood to find one that matches your specific design style. Learn more about solid hardwood flooring.

Dark hardwoods

Dark hardwoods aren’t just trendy, they are the perfect balance for a contemporary decor. Deep blacks, rich dark browns and even shades of charcoal are all great options for a hardwood floor that works well in a modern room. You can stain any type of wood the shade that you want, however if you’re looking for a naturally dark floor we recommend looking at walnut for its deep, naturally dark shade.

Dark hardwood floors show off the clean lines of this modern room

Wide planks

The width of the wood plank can dramatically change the way a floor looks. Wider planks make a space look larger and more modern. Opt for planks greater than 3 inches wide – even 5 or 7 inch wide planks are available. Consider how the planks are installed as well – the visual lines from a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal installation can make the feel of the floor more modern no matter the width of the plank.

Grain patterns

Each wood species has its own distinct grain pattern. For a more contemporary look, stay away from woods with large grain lines and visible knots. You want a floor that matches the sleek lines of your modern decor so ask to see woods with similar grain patterns. You might also explore options in how the wood is cut. Plain sawn, rift sawn or quarter sawn woods all result in a slightly different look to the grain pattern and one may match your personal style better than another.

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Hardwood is a renewable, durable and beautiful flooring choice. It’s also more versatile than some people realize. If you have a contemporary home, don’t overlook hardwood as a beautiful floor option.

Free wood flooring buyer's guide

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