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Four keys to shopping for carpet

Published: August 15, 2013

When you’re ready to buy new carpet you need reliable information and quality products. You need the experts at Kermans. With decades of knowledge behind us, we’re ready to answer your questions and help you find the right carpet for your Indianapolis living room, Zionsville basement, Carmel bedroom or Avon great room. Our goal is to provide you with quality carpet that beautifies your home, meets your specific performance and budget needs, is easy to care for and stands the test of time.

How do you shop for carpet?

1. Determine your budget. When you come to Kermans you’ll find hundreds of styles and colors at a variety of prices. If you know your budget when you walk in the showroom, we’ll be able to direct you to the best options.

2. Consider traffic flow. There are many different types of carpet with different yarn and constructions. Knowing how the room is used will help determine which type of carpet is the best fit for your home.

3. Think color. Carpet covers a large area of any room so color carries a big impact. Come in with your color scheme in mind and we’ll encourage you to take samples home so you can look at them in your home. Lay them next to your furniture and walls. Look at them in natural lighting and at night under your lamps. Adding color with carpet is a big part of carpet shopping.

4. Come armed with questions. Will children or pets affect which product you should buy? What is the carpet’s stain warranty? How long should you expect the carpet to perform? Why are there so many different types of padding? We don’t just want to sell you carpet, we want to help you make the best decision for your home. Bring your questions and our design experts will be happy to answer them.

Learn more about how to buy carpet with our online Carpet Buyer’s Guide.

Kermans Flooring has been an Indianapolis carpet resource since 1921. Our history in the business and quality  customer service has made us one of the largest flooring stores in Indiana. That history means you get affordable pricing every day. We call it the Kermans Advantage.

Visit our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis and experience our personal touch and spectacular offerings today. We’d love to help you buy just the right carpet for your home.

Kermans Flooring retail showroom, located at 4505 E. 82nd Street in Indianapolis, showcases beauty, quality and excellence. Fashioned with interior design in mind, Kermans believes in carrying only the finest names and selections at affordable prices for our clients and designers. Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.

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