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Flooring care tips: the best way to vacuum your carpet

Published: June 8, 2017

Want to keep your carpet looking like new as long as possible? Take a hard look at how you’re vacuuming. You might be asking yourself: Is there a right and wrong way to vacuum? The answer is yes! And by vacuuming your carpet the right way, you’re extending its life and keeping your home healthier.

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Carpet vacuum tip #1: Look at your vacuum

Does the vacuum have an adjustable beater bar? It should and it’s important you have it set on the appropriate setting for your style of carpet. Set it too high and you won’t be getting the carpet clean. Too low and you’ll be unnecessarily beating up your carpet fibers making the carpet look worn. Don’t relegate those vacuum attachments to the closet either. The crevice tool should be one of your most often used tools. Use it to clean the edges of the room before you vacuum the middle.

Carpet vacuum tip #2: Consider your vacuum direction

If you want to make sure you’re getting up all the dirt and dust from your carpet you should vacuum the room horizontally and then vertically – yes twice! If you have pets you should vacuum this way every time you vacuum. No pets? Go over your carpet twice at least twice a month. Whether you vacuum in “v patterns” or straight lines, going over your carpet twice will get it cleaner.

Carpet vacuum tip #3: Take your time

Vacuuming might be your least favorite chore. Or maybe people are coming over and you’re in a hurry so you just run the vacuum quickly – long enough to show those vacuum patterns that make it look clean. Well, it might look clean but it’s not. When you vacuum, you should go slowly. Slowing down lets the brush and suction do its work together to really get up the dirt and debris and then vacuum it out of your carpet.

Now that you know a little more about vacuuming – review our popular Carpet Care Tips video for some more dos and don’ts when it comes to caring for your carpet.

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