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Floor options for your bedroom

Published: October 25, 2012

When it comes to picking a floor covering for a bedroom, the choices can be tricky. A bedroom is not typically high traffic. You don’t have to take potential water damage into consideration as you do with a kitchen or bathroom. And it’s a room in your house that isn’t seen as often, a chance for you to truly indulge your sense of style.

What are the best floor options for your bedroom?

Hardwood or laminate
If you have a concern about dust or allergens, you should give strong consideration to a hardwood or laminate floor. They are easy to clean and do not retain dust or other allergens. People might be reluctant to consider wood floor for a bedroom because they are concerned about how it will feel underfoot on a chilly Indiana winter morning. Or you might worry about how it will look in a bedroom. Wood flooring comes in so many varieties, colors and feels that these concerns should easily be put to rest. Plus – you can always add an area rug next to the bed so your feet feel something soft and cozy first thing in the morning.

Another excellent, natural choice that is allergy friendly and easy to clean. You might want to especially consider tile for your bedroom – or a portion of your bedroom – if you have a room that leads out to a deck or hot tub. Tile can be a beautiful choice for a bedroom with its many tiles, colors and styles. If you opt to tile an entire bedroom, we would strongly recommend also looking at area rugs to soften the look

Probably the most popular choice for Indianapolis area homes. Carpet is budget-friendly and adds warmth to your bedroom instantly. And since your bedroom is not a high traffic area, you can go with an even wider variety of styles and textures than you could in other areas of your home. Carpet is easy to care for, quiets a room and feels wonderful underfoot.

As an added bonus – if you’re considering carpet for your Central Indiana bedroom, or any room in the home, this month is the time to buy.

National Karastan Month

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No matter what you decide to do, Kermans has flooring for you to consider. Stop by our showroom in Indy’s Castleton area to get a hands-on feel for your options. We look forward to helping you make your bedroom a cozy oasis for years to come.

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