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Elegant flooring for Indianapolis homes

Published: November 18, 2014

When you’re looking for just the right design touch in an elegant dining room, a cozy family room or a luxurious bedroom suite – look no further than Kermans Flooring, one of the best Indianapolis flooring stores.

See some of our ideas below:

  1. Soft, comfortable carpet
  2. Lustrous, timeless hardwood
  3. Colorful, distinctive tile
  4. Versatile, beautiful area rugs

Enhance your home with beautiful floors

Soft, comfortable carpet
Carpet has earned its place in homes by being so versatile and soft. When you’re looking for an elegant touch to a room that’s comfortable underfoot, carpet is the perfect choice. Today’s textures and patterns open up many design possibilities. And of course, thick, velvety cut pile makes a statement all its own.

Indianapolis carpet design inspiration

Lustrous, timeless hardwood

The sheen of hardwood brings a sense of timeless beauty to any room of your home. A floor that has often been considered difficult to maintain has become more accessible than ever with new top coats and wood species. Whether you want to consider something trendy like bamboo for your hardwood floor or want to look at exotic woods like Brazilian cherry, teak or mahogany – Kermans is your Indianapolis hardwood store.

Indianapolis hardwood design inspiration

Colorful, distinctive tile
Tile options have really blossomed in recent years to include a surprising range of materials and colors. Metals, natural stones, and glass tiles have joined ceramic as excellent choices for any homeowner.

Indianapolis tile design inspiration

Versatile, beautiful area rugs
Area rugs can separate a section of a room or pull together two large areas. They can give you a soft landing space beneath furniture. And they can add color and style on top of any other floor coloring. Don’t be afraid to combine area rugs for a unique, luxurious look. Decorating with multiple rugs can be very effective when the room is large with more than one seating arrangement.

Indianapolis flooring store Kermans has built a reputation on offering the highest quality floor coverings. Our design experts are ready and waiting to assist you in making the perfect selection for your home. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indy to experience the Kermans Advantage for yourself.

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