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Clean your area rug – Protect your Investment

Published: February 1, 2011
Protect your investment.

Treating delicate rugs such as Orientals, Silks, Machine-Made, Antique and all other handmade area rugs each require unique special attention for proper cleaning and the best results. The best cleaning technique and method that is dependent on your area rug’s particular weave, fibers and dyes.

There are several steps involved to properly and effectively clean your area rug.
  1. Pre-Inspect. It is important to inspect the condition of your rug for fading, discoloration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage, color instability and odors. Our specialists then determine what can be cleaned and the appropriate cleaning procedures to be used. (Keep in mind that discoloration due to wear, fading, or chemical reaction is not reversible.)
  2. Dust. Dust and particulate matter lying deep within the rug are removed using specially designed tools before your rug is washed. Vacuuming, shaking or beating your rug can never completely remove dirt and dust. Foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the fiber and it is important they are removed before deep cleaning occurs.
  3. Pre-Treat and Pre-Clean. Spots, spills and stains should be treated using the advanced spotting techniques that are also safe for your rug. These should be used for heavily trafficked and soiled areas.
  4. Agitate, Dissolve, Suspend and Extract the ground in soils.
  5. Rinse. Repeated rinsing further removes soil and cleaning residue – restoring the natural feel.
  6. Restore. Special grooming tools are needed to restore your rug’s nap.    
  7. Fringe Cleaning. The fringe of your rug should be cleaned with special care. Fringe whitening is also an option to consider if color is significantly dingy.
  8. Dry. Rugs should be dried in a climate-controlled drying room. Drying time is typically less than 24 hours.
  9. Final Inspection.  The inspection process must be thorough. Never hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible.
  10. Stain resistant. Once cleaned, apply a wool-safe stain resistant to your rug to help prevent any new spillage or dirt from penetrating the rug to ensure it stays cleaner longer.
At Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis, we sell and offer cleaning / repair services for your beautiful area rug. Our trained team can also pick-up and deliver your rug for an additional fee, dependent of travel time and furniture moving requirements. We service the Indianapolis area including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Pendleton, Fortville, McCordsville, Brownsburg, Lapel, and Greenwood. 

If you haven’t cleaned your area rug since purchase or yet in 2011, call us today for our rug cleaning specials.

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