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Choosing the right area rug

Published: January 13, 2015

Area rugs might be the most versatile floor covering on the market. Area rugs can be used as a design statement in a front entry way. Area rugs can add a touch of softness and sound absorption to a room with hardwood or tile flooring. Area rugs can be installed on top of carpet to help define a space and/or add some color to a room. Area rugs can be used in any room of the house and installed on top of any existing flooring. With so many choices, you might be wondering how an area rug can best fit in your home. Continue reading for some tips on choosing the right area rug from Indianapolis flooring store Kermans.

Area rugs are both a practical flooring option – providing warmth, cushion & comfort – and a work of art. Think of your room as the frame and the area rug as the piece of art. If you’re adding an area rug to an existing decor, you’ll want to bring in some fabric from your furniture or a throw pillow to help you match the colors. If you are redecorating, let the area rug lead the way. Select an area rug and let it dictate the colors of your walls and furniture.

How to place a large area rug

Area rugs can be installed as the primary floor covering in a room. This works particularly well in a study, living room or dining room. A good rule of thumb for the size of an area rug in this situation is minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall. This works well for a rectangular or square area rug. But what if your area rug is a circle? Center it in the room and look to get close to the wall as recommended above. No matter the shape, don’t forget to take your furniture into account. You’ll want at least the front legs of your furniture to be on top of the area rug for the best look and feel. If your area rug doesn’t extend beneath the furniture it’s likely to cause tripping or constant wear and tear on the edges of your rug.

Placing a large area rug in a large room? Don’t be afraid to use two area rugs to break up the space and give the room some definition.

How to place a runner 

Placing an area rug in a hallway, stair way or other transitional area? Look for an area rug that matches the width of the entry way or door way – or is a few inches more narrow. That way it can be centered to fill the space without overwhelming it.

Looking for some area rug inspiration? Check out Kermans Pinterest board for fun and practical ideas.

How to place an area rug in a smaller room

If you’re using an area rug in a study or bedroom you have to take the furniture into account. Our designers recommend choosing a rug that completely fits the primary furniture. In a bedroom, for example, that means you’ll want the bed centered on the area rug with the rug extending out a bit around the bed itself. This gives you a warm place to stand when getting out of bed. If you’re placing an area rug in a study, you’ll want one that is large enough to hold the chair and desk or the entire sitting area. The same thing holds true for an area rug in a dining room – you want the rug large enough to hold the table and the chairs. And by large enough, we recommend enough space to push the chair out wihtout catching the edge of the carpet. If your chairs are constantly dragging on the edge of the area rug, you will weaken it over time and cause damage.

What about the design of the area rug?

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Area rugs are truly works of art and come in an astounding variety of colors and patterns. Consider the space before picking your design. If the area rug is going to be covered mostly by a bed – you don’t want something with a large design in the center. If an area rug is going to be in a small space, a bold pattern can make the space look larger. Ultimately the design of your area rug comes down to personal preference. If you want some input on picking the best design for your space, visit Kermans and ask to speak with one of our free design staff. They’ll be happy to help you narrow down the selection and find the best size, shape and pattern for your space.

Learn more about area rugs from Indianapolis best area rug store: Kermans. We carry a full line of area rugs from well-known and respected manufacturer such as Karastan, Kalaty, Momeni, and Masland. Visit our showroom on the north side of Indy to see first-hand our collection of handmade and machine-made rugs. We also offer custom area rug design and area rug repair and cleaning. We look forward to talking with you.

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