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Caring for your hardwood floors

Published: June 23, 2011

Taking care of your investment.
Hardwood has always been a beautiful choice for a floor but it hasn’t always been an easy choice. Today’s finishes make hardwood floors more water-resistant and easier to maintain than ever before. That’s not to say that you can wet mop your floor like tile but you can do some simple regular maintenance to keep your hardwood looking as good as new.

A few basic care tips:

  • Sweep your floor or use a dust mop daily. Kermans offers micro fiber dusting mops for this purpose.
  • A hardwood floor cleaner is useful in removing occasional scuffs or heel marks. Spray some cleaner on a cloth and lightly rub the stained area. Sticky spots can be cleaned with a damp towel or sponge. Check out our selection of Bona Cheme solutions for cleaning.
  • Do NOT use cleaning products (Murphy’s Oil Soap, Old English, wax, conditioner etc) each time you clean your floor; use water and cleaning products sparingly to increase the longevity and sheen of your final finish coat.
  • See our care guide for more.

Choosing a hardwood floor is choosing an investment that will increase in value as you and your family enjoys it. Wood floors add timeless value and style to any home. And contrary to popular belief, there are beautiful hardwood options in all price ranges.

Kermans currently has a special offer on hardwood installation, making this an even better time to consider installing this beautiful flooring choice in your home.

Kermans design consultants can give you additional advice on maintenance for your particular hardwood flooring product. Call or visit our showroom in Indianapolis, easily accessible off I-465 from Carmel, Zionsville, Avon and all central Indiana locations.

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