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Budget-friendly floors for your new home

Published: March 14, 2017

New homes are such a wonderful blank canvas. Colors, textures, styles are all open for your preferences. How do you get the look you want at a price you can afford? The flooring design team at Kermans Flooring in Indianapolis can help. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners find just the right floor for their new (and old) home at just the right price. Here’s our advice on finding budget-friendly floors for your home.

comfortable carpet opens up this living area

Be open to options.

Your heart might be set on classic, natural hardwood but your bank account is telling you no. You can still have the look of beautiful wood floors from other materials. Luxury vinyl tile is a perfect example! With a wide range of design options you’ll find the look you want at a budget-friendly price. Added bonus: the maintenance needs of luxury vinyl tile are far easier than hardwood.

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Strategically use carpet.

Hard surface flooring is very popular right now and for good reason! However, in some cases placing tile or wood floors throughout your entire home can get very expensive. It’s hard to beat the cost-effectiveness of carpet. Sit down with one of our flooring experts and talk about how different spaces in your home will be used. Carpet could be the perfect fit for large areas that need some sound insulation. Low traffic areas like a formal dining room. Or quiet, cozy bedrooms. By strategically using carpet in key areas of your home, you can help save money with beautiful budget-friendly floors.

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Shop at Kermans.

If you think shopping at a small store means higher prices, think again. Kermans has built relationships with leading flooring manufacturers over decades in business and our buying power is hard to beat. Combine that with our hands-on customer service that helps you find the best floor for your budget and you’ve got one smart buying decision.

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