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Best floors for a busy home

Published: November 11, 2014

You’ve got a busy schedule: take the kids to school, work, pick up kids, run home to pick up sports equipment, head to practice, home for dinner & homework… add in a few pets, the occasional dinner party and you’ve got a lot of traffic on your floor! What’s the best floor for a busy home?

The Indianapolis carpet experts at Kermans have the answer and it might surprise you. Any flooring can work for a busy home if selected correctly. If you want hardwood in your foyer or carpet in your game room – you can! The balance comes in selecting the right type of wood flooring or carpet for your needs. 

Best carpet for busy homes

When you’re looking for the best carpet to place in a high traffic area you have two primary concerns: yarn style and color. The style of yarn plays a large role in how well the carpet fibers can withstand lots of traffic. We recommend busy homes consider loop or textured carpets. These twisted and/or looped yarns will last longer and hold up better. Learn more about types of carpet.

 Your second consideration is more straightforward. Lighter colors show dirt more easily than darker colors. If you have a busy area of your home, it’s not the best place for an off-white carpet. Don’t worry! There are lots of color variations and patters to consider, stop by our showroom to see for yourself. 

Best hardwood for busy homes

Many homeowners stay away from hardwood in a busy home because of wear and tear concerns. We’re happy to tell you, that’s not necessary! There are hardwood varieties that stand up well to high traffic. You might also consider laminate wood floor which gives you the look and feel of wood but with a tougher top wear layer that can be easier to maintain. Learn more about types of wood floor.

Best flooring ideas for busy homes

Bring us your challenge and we’ll get to work finding just the right flooring to fight your lifestyle and budget. Get inspired by some of our ideabooks on Houzz. And then let the people at Kermans carpet and hardwood flooring in Indianapolis help you find just the right balance of beauty and strength for your high traffic areas.

Kermans has been one of the top carpet stores in Indianapolis for decades. We pride ourselves on offering quality floor coverings for every budget. We call it the Kermans Advantage. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indy to experience the difference for yourself.

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