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Benefits of hard surface floors

Published: September 22, 2016

Walk into our Indianapolis flooring store and ask our designers what type of floor they are asked about most often. The answer? Hard surface flooring. Hardwood, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl, porcelain tile – any floor with a hard surface is trending right now. It’s easy to see why. There are more design options for hard surface floors than ever before. Match that up with their practicality and it’s clear why hard surfaces are the king of Indianapolis flooring.

Hard surface floors are great for homes with pets

How to choose your next floor

Take some time to think about the use of the room and your lifestyle and then consider your design preferences. If you first choose a floor that’s best for the use and location of your room – you can’t go wrong. Let’s review a few challenging areas of the home when it comes to flooring and see how they benefit from hard surface flooring.

Gray hard surface flooring is stylish & contemporary in this room

Hard surface flooring such as tile or luxury vinyl are great choices for kitchens and dining rooms because they easily stand up to spills and heavy use. These floors are moisture resistant – and there are some options that are actually waterproof – so there’s less to worry about and more to enjoy with your beautiful new floor.

Hard surface flooring is a great match for basements and bathrooms too, again because of moisture issues. Basement flooring is susceptible to flooding but also to moisture build-up between the slab and the floor itself. You want a floor that can handle these challenges for years to come?Luxury vinyl is our go-to recommendation right now for basements.

Looking at bathrooms you can’t go wrong with tile. It’s the perfect match for all the moisture and water in a bathroom. It’s also very easy to keep clean. Tile has some beautiful options from porcelain tile that looks like wood to glass tile that adds shimmer and shine to your room. Learn more about types of tile.

Rooms that have entry doors see more dirt and grit than other areas of your home and thus can be a challenge for flooring. Hard surface flooring wins again! That dirt and grit sweeps away easily. Mud, water and melting snow is quickly mopped up and gone. Any area near an outside door will benefit from tile, luxury vinyl or wood flooring.

Remember: there’s more to hard surface flooring that oak hardwood or ceramic tile. The choices are beautiful and practical. Let our free flooring designers help you research the many hard surface flooring options available and find the perfect floor for your home, lifestyle and budget.

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