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Area rugs give just the right splash of color to Indianapolis

Published: July 25, 2013

Kermans has a long history of providing high quality, affordable area rugs to the Indianapolis market. Area rugs are versatile, beautiful works of art that have enhanced decor and added warmth to homes for decades. It’s hard to imagine that a floor covering with such a long history could actually be considered trendy – but it is. Area rugs are becoming more and more popular as a design feature in homes because of the splash of color they add to a room.

Area rugs might just be the easiest, most cost effective way to update a room. Whether your living room needs a little pick-me-up or you have a bedroom that has become outdated, an area rug can be just the thing you’re looking for.

Earlier in this blog series on color in floor coverings, we discussed the benefits and features of different colors of carpets. The same advice holds true for area rugs. Area rugs can warm up a room with deep browns, reds or rusts. Area rugs can also cool a room by adding a layer of grey, blue or green. Consider layering an area rug on a similar shade to deepen the feel of a room – for example a red area rug on a deep brown wood floor. Or consider complimentary shades to brighten up a room – perhaps a rug in tones of blue on a light brown carpet. 

The benefit to the area rug as a design tool is that it layers with your existing floor covering to give a new style to the room. Area rugs can be layered on tile, wood or carpet. In fact, a current trend has area rugs on top of area rugs to give the room more texture and style.

Fill a room with your personality by choosing two or three rugs in different patterns but with similar colors. The effect is fun and budget friendly since smaller area rugs are often more affordable and allow you to cover a large space for less money. 

Kermans Flooring retail showroom, located at 4505 E. 82nd Street in Indianapolis, showcases beauty, quality and excellence. Fashioned with interior design in mind, Kermans believes in carrying only the finest names and selections at affordable prices for our clients and designers. Learn more about the Kermans Advantage.

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