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A few solutions for common hardwood flooring problems

Published: January 17, 2017

Homeowners choose hardwood flooring for many reasons. One of those reasons is the longevity of the floor. Hardwood floors will last for decades and decades – in many cases looking more beautiful as they age. Whenever you have a floor for that long, it’s going to have a few issues pop up. Here are some solutions that you can apply to common hardwood floor maintenance issues.

Hardwood floor looks beautiful in this dining area and with proper care, it will look this way for years to come.

PROBLEM: My hardwood floors are scratched, what can I do?

There are many things that can scratch your hardwood floor – dirt or rocks tracked in on the bottom of shoes, dog claws, chair legs or improper maintenance. Shallow scratches can be fixed by carefully applying wax or acrylic floor polish. Do this sparingly because the polish can build up overtime and cloud your floor’s finish. If the scratch is down to the bare wood, look for a stain marker or blending pencil that matches your floor color and fill it in. For wide scratches or gouges look for a latex wood filler that matches the color of your floor and carefully apply it with a putty knife. Remember to always look at your floor’s warranty before taking any action.

How to avoid scratches in your hardwood floor:
Regularly sweep and dry mop your floors. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Add felt pads to the bottom of furniture. And add door mats to help prevent grit or dirt from being tracked into your home.

PROBLEMI have found dents in my hardwood floors, is there any way to fix them?

Hardwood floors are indeed hard, but the hardness varies based on the type of wood. Dropping a heavy object or placing heavy furniture with metal legs can dent your hardwood floors. For softer woods, even walking on them in high heels can cause damage. Deep or large dents will require sanding and refinishing that we recommend be done by a professional. Small or shallow dents can often be fixed by covering the area with a damp cloth and running a hot iron over the area for approx 3 minutes to draw the wood fibers back to the surface. Remember to always look at your floor’s warranty before taking any action.

How to avoid dents in your hardwood floor:
Remove your shoes before walking on wood floors. Place felt or rubber furniture protectors on the legs of your furniture. Do not roll or drag heavy furniture without using plywood protection.

PROBLEMThere is a stain/spill on my hardwood floor, what’s the best way to clean it?

Check out our free hardwood flooring care guide for the best hardwood floor cleaning tips:

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