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2020 flooring trends

Published: November 14, 2019

When it comes to 2020 flooring trends, the three factors that reign supreme are:

  • color
  • style
  • function

Designers at top manufacturers—from Mohawk and Mannington to Armstrong and Shaw—have shared their picks for the best flooring in 2020, and we’ve rounded up their recommendations.

Keep reading to get ideas and figure out which 2020 flooring trends best match your renovation project’s needs as well as your design preferences and personal style.

Farmhouse-inspired kitchen with hardwood floors

Color and modern flooring

Pantone Color Institute officials won’t officially announce the color of the year for 2020 until next month. However, earlier this year, Pantone’s representatives forecasted that 2020 would bring the resurgence of sophisticated colors inspired by elements of the ocean—including serene blues, sandy-white neutrals, dusty driftwood browns, and cool seaweed greens—dominating.

Bathroom with sandy-white flooring

Drafting table in an office with driftwood-brown hardwood-look flooring

Gray-brown plank flooring in a room with seaweed-green chairs

Some interior design trendsetters—such as the designers at Behr and Sherwin-Williams—agree. Their representatives have revealed their color palettes for 2020.

Expect to see all layers of these hues popping up in home remodeling projects across the country next year.

Today’s top flooring styles

The popularity of coastal and farmhouse decorating trends aren’t going anywhere in 2020.

For homeowners who are looking for a unique way to incorporate these styles as part of their interior design, flooring is a great way to achieve the look (and to make sure your floors are a talking point).

If you want to embrace the trendy shiplap look with farmhouse-inspired flooring, opt for something that has a dynamic texture.

Kitchen with farmhouse-inspired floors and furnishings

Family room with hardwood-look coastal-inspired flooring

Learn how to get the farmhouse look with your floors »

For a more coastal vibe, choose a multi-length plank-style flooring material in hardwood or resilient with a rustic-feel for a simple yet light and airy look.

To get either style, remember: don’t shy away from options that look weathered or look like they have imperfections! These characteristics are part of the way you’ll create the charm of a farmhouse or coastal look in your room.

Pair your new stylish floors with furniture, window coverings, or cabinetry in ivory or other neutrals like light gray, charcoal, tan, cocoa brown, and camel—or add a splash of color using a vibrant shade of sage or rich cerulean blue.

Best functional flooring in 2020

Manufacturers have been paying attention. Today’s homeowners don’t just want flooring that looks good. They want attractive floors that hold up to the demands of their busy lifestyles, too. Pet-friendly, durable, allergy-friendly, easy-to-clean … features like these are no long nice-to-have requests, but must-haves.

The good news is that with advances in flooring technology, you can get your cake and eat it too, so to speak. There are a wide range of options, especially in resilient flooring, that give the look you want with the functionality you need.

Get a free copy of our resilient flooring buyer’s guide »

Bathroom with muted plank-style resilient flooring

Looking for new flooring in Indianapolis?

If you need more guidance finding the best floors for your 2020 remodeling project, we can help.

The designers at Kermans are award-winning experts in flooring and all styles of interior decorating. Stop by our showroom, ask a lot of questions, and figure out exactly what you need to choose the new flooring of your dreams.

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