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2016 design trends and your carpet

Published: October 27, 2015

Think you can’t go trendy with your floor choices? Think again! Whether you’re looking to update a room or install floors all over your house, there are some fun and creative ways to incorporate current design trends. Done right, you can find design inspiration in current trends that will last for years to come. What design trends are our designers keeping an eye on for Indianapolis flooring in the coming year?

Living space with soft blues and an area rug with strong lines and patterns

Our design consultants each have their own style and personality but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s watching design trends and looking for ways to incorporate them into classic, high quality, affordable flooring.  Here are a few of the trends they are excited about.

Brights mixed with darker grays and browns: There’s a lot of buzz around contrasting colors right now. A play in contrasts highlights color, texture and pattern. How can you make this trend work in flooring? Look for a textured and/or patterned carpet in a dark charcoal and then add color with throw pillows or drapes.

Living room with muted blue carpet

Muted tones of greens, blues and browns inspired by nature: You’ll see this calm, cooling color trend paired again with contrasting colors or textures – think metallic accents for example. How can you make this trend work in flooring? Glass tile walls or back splashes are a natural material that can bring in these colors with a bit of a sheen.

Geometric patterns: This is a trend that has been building over the past few years. Strong lines and shapes can make a room look larger or smaller, depending on how they are used. How can you make this trend work in flooring? Consider a hardwood floor laid in a nontraditional way – perhaps in chevron patterns or with planks of differing widths. You might also consider luxury vinyl that looks like wood flooring but gives you more flexibility in establishing patterns.

See something that inspires you? 

Make an appointment with one of our designers and they’ll prepare selections in advance for you to consider – and, as with all design consultant services at Kermans Indianapolis Flooring store, it’s completely free!

The possibilities with trends – whether classic or current – are practically endless. Looking for more design inspiration? Check out our Pinterest boards.

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