1. Color matters: Pair up a bold overall rug design with furniture in solid or subdued patterns to create a focal point. Light-colored rugs make a room seem larger, whereas deeper colors create a cozy look. Bring a furniture cushion, swatch or sample with you to match a favorite color.
  2. Reconsider machine-made rugs: They give you much of the look of hand-knotted rugs at a lower price, with a manufacturer’s warranty that runs 15-20 years.
  3. Shapes: Look beyond the traditional rectangular shapes to round, square and custom options.
  4. Padding: At Kerman’s, we offer the industry’s best rug pad. It absorbs the impact of feet and noise while it reduces wear and tear and eases cleaning.
  5. Living rooms, great rooms, family rooms: Decide whether you want a room-sized rug or several smaller rugs. Create cozy conversation areas with smaller pieces.
  6. Dining rooms, breakfast rooms: Choose a rug that’s about 2′ wider on each side of a dining room table to allow chairs to remain on the rug when they are pulled out.
  7. Bedrooms: Either use one room-sized rug or several smaller rugs around the bed. A room-sized rug should be large enough that you can get out of bed and remain on the rug for one or two steps. With multiple rugs, place one on each side of the bed and one at the end. With two beds, center a rug between them.

Before you buy

  • Measure your room and the area you want to cover. To make the room look larger, leave a border of flooring around the perimeter.
  • Consider the type of room and where you plan to place your furniture.
  • Keep the rug proportional to the room.

Ready for installation day

Some of our installers have worked with us for 15 years or more. Their professional experience helps your new floor look and perform its best.

Plan your checklist

Ask your Design Consultant about our Delivery and Placement service. Choose from our selection of underlay pads to prevent rug slippage, add comfort and prolong rug life.


  • Remove any breakables, computers and electronics before installers arrive.
  • Clear off tables and desks.
  • Remove the contents from bookcases, entertainment centers and armoires.
  • Disconnect gas appliances in installation rooms.


  • Be at home to answer questions and verify what goes where.
  • Keep yourself, kids and pets out of the way.

Ask us anything

Whether you’re redoing one room or your entire home, make sure you choose the right flooring for each application. Your Kermans Design Consultant will be happy to help you through these questions and more.

  • Does this product suit my lifestyle?
  • Will this work with pets and children?
  • What’s the approximate size of my room?
  • What suits my type of décor?
  • How do I improve on a rug I’m replacing?
  • Would I rather have a wool, olefin or nylon rug?
  • How will this coordinate with or compliment dominant colors in my room?
  • How long will this stay viable?
  • What about my furniture and breakables?

And most importantly:

  • Why should I choose Kermans?

We’re a family-run company with a century of expertise, a broad selection of high-quality flooring and a consultative approach to customer satisfaction. Our designers work with you at no charge as you refine your choices and find your best options.

Come to Kermans for the best of everything you need on your floors.