We are pleased to offer a new video series with flooring tips and trends.

Quality Floor Coverings for Every Budget

Video #6: In this video, we will tell you the history of Kermans and how Kermans can provide quality floor coverings at every budget. Kermans offers affordable options and high-end luxurious products.

Carpet Education

Video #5: In this video we will explore: Cut Pile, Saxony, Level Loop Pile, Berber, Cut and Loop, Friezé, Shag, and Patterned Carpet

Flooring for a Busy Home - That's the Kermans Advantage

Video #4: A Testimonial for Kermans Flooring: Anita tells us why she uses Kermans Flooring for all of her flooring needs.

Keeping Floors Clean and Reducing Wear

Video #3: Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any space, and there are so many new materials (including sustainable, reclaimed and eco-friendly options), they can be a smart addition as well. With a little extra knowledge, you can keep your hardwood floors looking warm, inviting and beautiful.

Flooring Care

Video #2: Have you seen the transparent plastic adhesive used to protect flooring in model homes? There's a much better way to take care of your flooring. Not to mention less sticky and plastic-y. To truly extend the life and beauty of your carpet and floors, the experts at Kermans recommend three tips.

Carpet Care

Video #1: We're human. Which means, we spill stuff. And, it's rarely on the easy-to-clean-floor. It's almost always on...the carpet. Watch the video for 3 do's...and 3 don'ts when something spills on your carpet.


Basement Flooring Guide

Basement Flooring Guide

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