Kermans Flooring is one of the largest premier flooring stores in Indianapolis, and we are proud to offer flooring for every budget.

When shopping for new carpet or flooring, many people assume that a “big box” store will offer more affordable options than a locally operated business. This is not true, and Kermans is an example of a family-run flooring company with a wide-range of high-quality affordable flooring as well as high-end luxurious products, designs, and brands. 

The Kermans Advantage means that our expert consultants offer unparalleled customer service and recommend just the right flooring selections depending on your budget, type of foot traffic, and living space.

Family run. Customer focused. Affordable options. Most up-to-date products.

Since establishment in 1921, Kermans has always been based on two key principles:

  • Offer quality floor coverings.
  • Provide individual service to each customer.

Visit our showroom. We look forward to serving you.

Basement Flooring Guide

Basement Flooring Guide

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