Kamron M. Haynes

Design Consultant

Started with Kermans: 2016

Kamron comes to us with a background in interior design and custom cabinetry. He brings a designer’s eye to projects and is able to propose flooring solutions that clients may not consider on their own.

Why clients like working with Kamron

Kamron loves coming up with creative answers to flooring challenges. “One of the reasons I enjoy working at Kermans is that any floor product is available to us. Even if it’s not in our showroom, I can find it for a customer.” When clients work with Kamron they quickly discover his enthusiasm helps them find the best fit for their needs.

Favorite Flooring Advice:

Pick no more than three samples at a time to take home. More than that and it becomes hard to narrow in on what looks best.

More about Kamron

  • What is one way you like to treat yourself? I love going out clay shooting with my uncle.
  • Where did you grow up? Sarasota, Florida
  • What kind of floor is in your kitchen? Practical, versatile white tile

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